Bihar Secondary School Sample Paper Solved | BSEB Class 10th Sample Sets with Answers | Bihar Board class 10th Sample Paper Solved | Bihar Board Class 10th english Sample set – 3

Bihar Secondary School Sample Paper Solved | BSEB Class 10th Sample Sets with Answers | Bihar Board class 10th Sample Paper Solved | Bihar Board Class 10th english Sample set – 3


1. A language should be living and ……… .
(A) vibe
(B) pace
(C) vibrant
(D) pacifically
2. Who says “Finally, I trust you now ?”
(A) Old woman
(B) Young woman
(C) Irish woman
(D) None of these
3. Who said, “What are you beating my girl for ?”
(A) Girl
(B) Youngman
(C) Boy
(D) Malasha’s mother
4. What was the colour of the handkerchief both the girls carried ?
(A) Yellow
(B) Orange
(C) Red
(D) Brown
5. Who is Satyajit Ray ?
(A) Film director
(B) Film maker
(C) Hero
(D) None of these
6. What did India take up surprising early ?
(A) Story
(B) Iconography
(C) Novel
(D) Film Production
7. ‘Akoulyas’s mother’ seized
(A) Akoulya
(B) Malasha
(C) Both
(D) None of these
8. When the narrator sat down to write, Gillu wanted to catch her ……….. .
(A) attention 
(B) dairy
(C) tallent
(D) none
9. Jim asked Mr. Greene to keep the old ……. .
(A) Radio
(B) Newspaper 
(C) Telephone
(D) None of these
10. The narrator uses paper route to ………. the people. 
(A) wander
(B) deviate
(C) convince 
(D) Ways
11. Altogether the pace of life was getting too much for …… .
(A) the corn merchant
(B) the corn-merchant’s wife
(C) the corn-merchant’s nephew
(D) the narrator himself
12. To dine in London and ………. in New York next day seem to me most satisfactory experiences. 
(A) lunch 
(B) dinner
(C) supper
(D) none
13. Which country’s civilization can be compared with India ?
(A) India
(B) Japan
(C) Burma
(D) China
14. What is the common characteristic of all culture.
(A) Unity
(B) Divide
(C) Fraternity
(D) None of these
15. What is the name of Aung San Suu Kyi’s son ?
(A) Alexander Aris
(B) John Lexau
(C) Lee Tolstoy
(D) Toni Morrison
16. The events in Oslo to award Nobel Peace Prize fell on the Day of …….. .
(A) International human nights
(B) International human duties
(C) National human rights
(D) All of these
17. What is endless ?
(A) Creed
(B) Foolish
(C) Covet
(D) Quit
18. According to the poet who made the country ?
(A) God
(B) Law
(C) Lamp
(D) None
19. What according to the poem ‘Ode on Solitude’ is needed at night ?
(A) Sound sleep
(B) Quit sleep
(C) Aunke
(D) None of these
20. What does pollute the environment ?
(A) Polymer
(B) Plastics
(C) Polythene bag
(D) All of these
21. The town’s people do not enjoy any real ………. . 
(A) scenery
(B) food
(C) drink
(D) fun 
22. What was the colour of Martha’s eyes ?
(A) Green
(B) Gray 
(C) Brown
(D) Red
23. At the end of the poem, the portor is in deep ……. .
(A) slumber
(B) wake
(C) run
(D) none of these
24. The koel asks the ………. not to be motionless.
(A) trees  
(B) plants
(C) flower pot
(D) branches
25. Who was Halku ?
(A) Nomads
(B) Trader
(C) A tenant farmer
(D) Businessman
26. Allergens are of …….. .
(A) two types
(B) three types
(C) four types
(D) one types
27. What was the age of the lawyers ?
(A) 25 years
(B) 12 years
(C) 30 years
(D) 35 years
28. Who is the author of the article ‘Quality’ ?
(A) John Galsworthy
(B) Durga Prasad Panda
(C) Vidyapati
(D) Puran Singh
29. Culture is the ……… of civilization.
(A) assence
(B) feature
(C) efflorescence
(D) all of these
30. The letters are exchanged between a mother and
(A) a daughter
(B) son
(C) a mother
(D) brother
31. This poem tells about the problems caused by
(A) Sickness
(B) Poverty
(C) Overeating
(D) Greed
32. Greed is ……… but life is not.
(A) worthy
(B) bad
(C) good
(D) endless 
33. In 1948, Laxmi Prasad Devkota presided over the first …….. festival of Nepal.
(A) National literary
(B) National prose
(C) National drama
(D) National poetry
34. The raw material of Cinema is ……… itself.
(A) Studio
(B) camera
(C) hall
(D) life
35. Where is life better ?
(A) in towns
(B) in villages
(C) in markets
(D) in homes
36. He set the dog ……….. me. 
(A) into
(B) with
(C) on
(D) none
37. I continued to smile …… his threats.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) upon
(D) none
38. Fortune continued to smile………. me.
(A) at
(B) in
(C) with
(D) none
39. There …….. twenty students in the class.
(A) is
(B) are 
(C) was
(D) were
40. Here…….. the book that I bought yesterday.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) were
41. There …….. nobody in the house.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) were
42. He said to me, “Do you known him ?”
(A) He ask me if I knew him.
(B) He asked me if I knew him. 
(C) He tell me if I knew him.
(D) He asked me if I know him.
43. Mother said, “Son, don’t play in the sun.”
(A) Mother advised her son to play in the sun.
(B) Mother asked her son to play in the sun.
(C) Mother forbade her son to play in the sun. 
(D) None of these
44. The teacher said to the students, “The earth goes round the sun.”
(A) The teacher told the students that the earth goes round the sun.
(B) The teacher advised the students that the earth goes round the sun.
(C) The teacher explained the students that the earth goes round the sun.
(D) None of these
45. Bring the chair.
(A) Let the chair be brought.
(B) Let the chair may be brought.
(C), Let the chair should be brought.
(D) None of these
46. Let him buy the book. 
(A) Let the book be bought by him. 
(B) Let the book may be bought.
(C) Let the book be buy.
(D) None of these
47. Help the poor.
(A) The poor should be help.
(B) The poor should be helped. 
(C) The poor may be helped.
(D) None of these
48. He is listening……….. the radio.
(A) for
(B) at
(C) on
(D) to
49. They are laughing ……….. the old man.
(A) on
(B) over
(C) at
(D) in
50. Slow and steady ……. the race
(A) wins
(B) win
(C) winning
(D) to him
Choose the correct spelling.
51. (A) Environment
(B) Envorment
(C) Enovormant
(D) Enviorment
52. (A) Apropriate
(B) Appropriate
(C) Apropreate
(D) Approprete
53. (A) specific
(B) spacific
(C) spucific
(D) None of these
54. (A) Triangle
(B) Tryangle
(C) Trayngle
(D) None of these
55. वर्षा होने के पहले फसल मर चुकी थी। 
(A) The crops had died after it rained.
(B) The crops had died before it rained. 
(C) The crops has died after it rained.
(D) The crops has died before it rained.
56. भारत में प्रजातंत्र है।
(A) There are democracy in India.
(B) There have democracy in India.
(C) There has democracy in India.
(D) There is democracy in India. 
57. तैरना एक अच्छा व्यायाम है।
(A) Swimming is a good exercise. 
(B) Swim is a good exercise,
(C) Swimming are a good exercie.
(D) None of these
58. पटना में कई दर्शनीय स्थल हैं।
(A) There is many worth seeing places in Patna.
(B) There are many worth seeing places in Patna
(C) There have many worth seeing place in Patna
(D) None of these
59. सोहन इतना मोटा है कि वह दौड़ नहीं सकता। 
(A) Sohan is to fat that he may not run.
(B) Sohan is so fat that he may not run.
(C) Sohan is so fat that he cannot run. 
(D) Sohan is so fat that he can to run.
60. वह खेलने गया है। 
(A) He has gone to play. 
(B) He have gone to play.
(C) He goes to play.
(D) None of these
1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below in your own words: 
What makes soil suitable for the growth of plants? The right mix of fine and coarse particles makes for good soil. It ensures that the soil holds enough water and also has an adequate amount of air. The presence of humus improves the structure of soil. In the case of sandy soils, humus improves the water-holding capacity. In clays, humus sticks to the fine particles to form larger clumps with greater air spaces. Also, since humus is decaying plant matter, it provides plants with many of the nutrients they need.
The mineral nutrients required by plants come from the parent rock the soil is made of and from humus. These nutrients are dissolved by the water present in the soil and taken up by the roots of plants.
Questions :
Q- Good soil for plants should have fine particles only. Is this true ? 
Ans- No, it is not true.
Q- Why should good soil have the right mix of fine and coarse particles ? 
Ans- Good soil should have the right mix of fine and coarse particles so that it holds the right amount of water and air.
Q- What is humus ?
Ans- Humus is decaying plant matter.
Q- What does the rock from which the soil is made provide the plants ? 
Ans- The mineral nutrients required by plants come from the parent rock the soil is made of.
Our body needs regular periods of rest. This rest is provided by sleeping, generally at night, and we spend about one third of our life in this activity. When we sleep, our muscles are relaxed but our brain continues to work so that it can control our body functions which include breathing, heartbeat, etc. A newborn child sleeps practically the whole day and wakes up only to be fed. A full-grown adult needs at an average about eight hours of sleep per day. Lack of sleep makes a person feel exhausted and tired and at times makes him confused and irritated, and lack of sleep beyond sixty hours makes a person hear things which are not there and also see illusions. While sleeping, our condition constantly changes from deep sleep to light sleep. During the periods of light sleep, there are eye and body movements because the brain activity is continuing at a faster pace compared to deep sleep when the electrical discharge from the brain is slower. A person, who does not exercise regularly, consumes very little energy as a result of which he or she accumulates fat and becomes overweight. Exercise helps to make the muscles strong and ready for action.
Questions :
Q- How much time of our life do we spend in sleeping ? 
Ans- We spend about one third of our life in sleeping.
Q- How much time of sleep a full-grown adult needs per day ? 
Ans-  A full-grown adult needs at an average about eight hours of sleep per day.
Q- What are the effects of lack of sleep ?
Ans- Lack of sleep makes a person feel exhausted and tired, and at times makes him confused and irritated.
Q- Why are there eye and body movements during the period of light sleep ? 
Ans- During the periods of light sleep, there are eye and body movement because the brain activity is continuing at a faster pace.
2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below in your own words: 
One of the most significant phenomena of our time has been the development of the cinema from a-turn of the-century mechanical toy into the century’s most potent and versatile art form. Today, the cinema commands the respect accorded to any other form of creative expression. It combines in various measures the functions of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor. It also combines the cold logic of science.
India took up film production surprisingly early. The first short was produced in 1907 and the first feature in 1913. By the twenties it had reached the status of big business. It is easy to tell the world that film production in India is quantitatively second only to Hollywood; for that is a statistical fact. But can the same be said of its quality? Why are our films not shown abroad. Is it solely because India offers a potential market for her own products? Or are we just plain ashamed of our film?
Questions :
Q- What is the most significant, phenomena of our time ?  
Ans- The most significant phenomena of our time has been the development of the cinema.
Q- What do the Indian cinema combine in it ? 
Ans- The Indian cinema combine the function of poetry, music, paintings, drama, artitecture and the cold logic of science.
Q- When did cinema start in India ? 
Ans- The cinema started in India in 1907 when the first short film was produced and the first feature was made in 1913.
Q- What is the statistical fact regarding Indian cinema ? 
Ans- The statistical fact regarding Indian cinema is that the film production is quantitatively next to Hollywood.


Till recently the Aryans were regarded as the earliest invaders of the land. It was thought that they came to a country which was uncivilised and barbarian, but modern research has proved that there were invaders even before the Aryans poured into this land. They had evolved a civilization higher than that of the Aryan hordes who came in their wake. These Pre-Aryans had displaced still earlier people and built up new civilization which has astonished modern scholars by its extent and depth. The Aryan invasion repeated the process and led to fresh infusion of the old with the new.
Questions :
Q- From which piece has this passage been taken ?
Ans- This passage has been taken from the piece ‘The Unity of Indian Culture’.
Q- How were the Aryans regarded till recently ? 
Ans- Till recently, the Aryans were regarded as the earliest invaders of India.
Q- What has modern research proved ?  

Ans- Modern research has proved that there were invaders even before the Aryans came to India.

 Q- How did the pre-Aryans build up a new civilization ? 

Ans- The pre-Aryans displaced earlier people and built up a new civilization which was remarkable for its extent and depth.

3. Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions given below in your own words : 
The man was rich, but not content.
Morning, noon and night he went
To the Wish-yeilding Tree and prayed:
O’ Kalpaka, I seek your aid;
All I want is a pot of gold.
Questions :
Q- Name the poem and the poet. 
Ans- The stanza has been taken from the poem “The Empty Heart’ written by the poet Perisamy Thooran.
Q- What type of a man was the richman. 
Ans- The rich man was very greedy.
Q- What did the man go to the ‘Kalpaka’ tree. 
Ans- The man went to the Kalpaka tree to ask a pot of gold in aid.
Beneath this hero of the mountain
the proud conqueror of nature
are the snow-clad peaks above
only the star-studded lid of night.
In this night
the porter is in deep slumber
reigning over the rich kingdom of sleep.
Questions :
Q- Who is the hero of the mountain ?
Ans- The porter is the hero of the mountain.
Q- What is meant by ‘lid of night’ ?
Ans- The star-studded sky is meant by ‘lid of night’.
Q- Who is ‘reigining over’ the ‘rich kingdom of sleep’ ? 
Ans- The porter is ‘reigning over’ the ‘rich kingdom of sleep’.
4. Answer any five of the following questions :
Q- Do you think that Jim is a real ecology friendly boy? Give your own opinion.
Ans- No, I think that Jim is not a real ecology friend boy. For example he reaches his house he finds his mother using electric mixer he advises her to save on electricity. His mother remarks, “So who watches T.V. twenty seven hours a day.” What these examples show. They show that though he is preacher about ecology since he is also bound to do those work against ecology.
Q- Why does the writer call the two little girls “Dear little Souls” ?
Ans- The two girls were in their childhood period. Everybody thinks of their childhood. Childhood is a special period in everybody’s life. As a child he does not know enemity with any one. They fight and soon they begin to play together. Their age is a pleasant age. They have shining morning face. They look pretier than every thing. So they are dear soul (girls) not only for the poet but also for every one. They are in their mother’s care and affection.
Q- Why did Mr Johnson think that Jim did not follow the principle of walking ?
Ans- Mr Johnson thought that Jim did not follow the principle of walking. He thought so because Jim drove his motorbike round and round his backyard all summer. Jim only talked about the advantages of walking. He did not walk himself.
Q- How does a polythene bag pollute our environment ? 
Ans- A polythene bag is one of the most hazardous material causing environmental pollution. The polythene bags that find their way into the river or the fields, pollute the river bed and the soil by making it infertile. It makes the soil impermeable and consequently useless for growing crops. Such is the destructible nature of this polythene, that it cannot be even burnt. Hence like a demon in the making. It continues to haunt our environment.
Q- Do you think that the Koel symbolises true love ? 
Ans- No, the Koel does not symbolises true love. The Koel does not build its own nest and so he Koel and she Koel do not live together. They are wandering birds. Their lives are separate. They are seen only in spring and his/her voice is heard. They do not live together like other birds.
Q- Give the main idea of the poem ‘The Sleeping Porter’. 
Ans- In the poem ‘The Sleeping Porter’, the poet has presented a vivid picture of the sufferings of the porter. The porter has to climb the mountain in the snows of winter with a heavy load on his back. He is weak and dirty but he is a symbol of hard work and courage. He is so poor that he cannot buy clothes for himself. He is wearing a black cap which is dirty and sweat-stained. His body emits a foul smell. In spite of his poverty and tribulations, he can sleep soundly at night. He is the hero of the mountain.
Q- What did the banker do to kill the lawyer ? 
Ans-  At three O’clock in the night banker went to the cell of the lawyer. He prepared through the window. He tore the seals from the door and unlocked it. He entered the room. He thought that the lawyer was asleep and was having a dream. He would throw the lean and thin man on the bed, and strangulate him to death with a pillow.
Q- Why does the daughter not wish to dream any more ?
Ans- The daughter does not wish to dream any more because she is filled with a sense of weariness and emptiness. Her life has become so mechanical that she is unable to shoulder new responsibilities.
Q- 5. Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 60 words:
(i) Health is Wealth
(ii) Science A boon or a curse
(iii) Independence Day
(iv) Diwali

Ans-  5.                                                (i) Health is Wealth

We all know the saying Health is wealth. Health is the most precious thing in human life. Life without good health is no life at all. An unhealthy man leads a miserable life. He may be rich, but he finds no pleasure in life. His life becomes a burden to him. A healthy man can achieve success by dint of hard work, Good health is the key to success in life. The real wealth of man is his health. The secret of happiness in human life is good health. Without health riches are useless. So, sound health is our real treasure. We must keep ourselves fit and healthy.
                                                (ii) Science A boon or a curse
Manifolds are the gift of science. This is the age of science. It has touched every corner of life, Truly speaking it has turned a base for our life. Our life can’t run properly without it. Engines are propelled by power. Our agricultural products are based on science. The tilling of lands has become easier and easier. In the field of agriculture it has made a tremendous head way and in the field of transportation, electricity, communications. It has dazzled our eyes. Distance has been made closer and closer resulting in globalising the world. However there is an another aspect which has proved to be a fatal for mankind. Our civilization is at stake with the invention of lethal weapons and nuclear weapons.
                                                           (iii) Independence Day
15th August is a red letter day in the history of India. The English left India for good. Thousands of man had to sacrifice on the latter of the nation. India become completely free from the bondage of slavery. A country where the run never sets started loosing its grip. It was a great achievement on the part of Indians. It is why the day is observed through our in India with great pomp.
                                                          (iv) Diwali
Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus which is celebrated with great fevour and delight. youngsters usually. love this festival as it brings a lot of happiness and delightful moments for everyone. They get to meet their family, friends and relative and share greetings land fights with their loved ones. On this auspicious occasion, goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by Hindus. It is festival of light.
6. As a captain of school club, write a notice for all the students to come to the play ground where. You have arranged a friendly football match with a neighbouring school team. Mention time, date and counter sign at H.M.
Ans-                                                              NOTICE
                                                           B.N. Collegiate H.S. 
It is for the information of all students of the school that a friendly football match between the team of Mahanth High School and our School will be held on Friday, 3 p.m. at Gandhi Maidan. So all the students are requested to be present in the playground to encourage the students of our school team.
                                                                                                                                                    School Team
7. You are an assistant teacher in a High School. A prize-giving function was held in your school . The Headmaster asked you to prepare a report of the function to be published in the School Magazine. Prepare the report. 
Ans- To,
            The Headmaster
            Jain High School, Patna
                                                                                                                                        18th February, 2023
     Prize-giving Function in Zila School, Ara
On the occasion of the Foundation Day of our school a prize-giving function was held on 27.01.2022. The football team of our school had won the cup of Inter-Scho of the district. All the players of the team, and all the students who had secured the first three positions in their classes in the last annual exam., were to be given prizes. The District Magistrate, Ara, was the chief guest. Distinguished persons of the town had also been invited to the function. The Headmaster welcomed the chief guest and all the guests present. A one-act play, highlighting the evils of caste system, was staged on the occasion. It was highly ” appreciated and enjoyed. In the end the prizes were given away by the D.M., after which all were served refreshment and tea. Our Math. teacher, Shree A.B. Pd., gave a vote of thanks. The function was a big success.
                                                                                                                                                S.D. Singh
                                                                                                                                           Jain High School
                                                                                                                                               Patna (Bihar)
8. Write a letter to your younger brother, congratulating him on his grand success in the Board Examination. 
Ans-                                                                                                                                   Examination Hall
                                                                                                                                        18th February, 2023
Dear Rahul,
I am very glad to learn that you secured first position in the Annual Secondary School Examination. My heartiest congratulations on your brilliant success in the examination.
You have achieved a rare distinction. I. was sure you must achieve this distinction. Your regular studies and hard labour has been crowned with success. You have brought glory not only to yourself but to all of your friends. I am proud of being your elder brother. Your grand success gives me inspiration. I hope you will achieve similar distinctions in future.
With best wishes,
Address:                                                                                                                        Yours affectionately
9. Write a letter to your Publisher, asking him to send you some books by post.
Ans- Messers
                  Alok Bharati Publication
                  R.C. Palace, Govind Mitra Road, Patna-4
Dear Sir,
I shall feel highly obliged if you kindly send me the following books per V.P.P. at your earliest convenience.
(i) Alok Secondary Sample Papers          3 copies
(ii) A Book of Mathematics-X                 3 copies
Please carefully see before packing that the books are in good condition and that no leaves are missing.
I am sure you will allow reasonable discount off the quoted price.
                                                                                                                                              Yours Faithfully
                                                                                                                                             Raju and friends
                                                                                                                                               Zila School Ara
10. You have won a prize for writing fiction. Prepare a speech to be delivered while accepting the prize.
Ans- Honorable Principal, respected teachers and my dear friends. I am Ramesh Singh of class X. I am really honoured to receive this prize for writing fiction. First of all I want to thank my teacher, Mr George, who encouraged me to write fiction so early in my career. His direction and motivation made me realise that even I can visualize and write. Writing fiction can never be easy unless a natural feeling for writing is there in your heart. Hopefully, I will continue to improve my writing and try to achieve more success in future as well.
Once again I thank everybody for appreciating my work.
11. You are Akash. Your brother Hari’s friend Rahul has called you. He is coming to Patna by Rajdhani Express at 10 a.m. in the morning. He has asked Hari to pick him from the railway station. As you have to leave for some urgent work, you won’t be able to meet Hari. So, you decide to write a message for him. Write the message in not more than 50 words and put the message in a box.  
Ans-                                                               MESSAGE
Hari,                                                                                                                               18th February, 2023
                                                                                                                                               4.45 p.m.
Your friend, Rahul, will reach Patna by Rajdhani Express at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. He has asked you to pick him up from the station.
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