Directions (Q. 1-50): Choose the right single word out of four responses.

1. The doctor who is well in the treatment of mental disease-
(A) mad
(B) physician
(C) surgeon
(D) psychiatrist
2. The violation or profaning of sacred/religious things-
(A) atheist
(B) sacrilege
(C) sadist
(D) clergy
3. One who speaks on behalf of others-
(A) orator
(B) veteran
(C) suicide
(D) spokesman
4. A person who is indifferent to pains and pleasures-
(A) saint
(B) hermit
(C) stoic
(D) recluse
5. A person who abstains from alcoholic drinks-
(A) teetotaller
(B) suave
(C) undrinker
(D) germicide
6. A decision taken by the consent of all-
(A) unanimous
(B) unitary
(C) consulted
(D) favourite
7. A piece of writing using more words that required-
(A) sufficient
(B) verbose
(C) ambiguity
(D) scanty
8. A person who changes sides, party-
(A) slum
(B) mean
(C) paramount
(D) turn-coat
9. A thing or goods not fresh-
(A) veteral
(B) stale
(C) lazy
(D) cliche
10. A woman whose husband is dead-
(A) widower
(B) patricide
(C) widow
(D) gratis
11. One who does not mix freely with others-
(A) unsociable
(B) theist
(C) bigot
(D) autocracy
12. A book published after the death of author-
(A) popular
(B) homage
(C) posthumous
(D) ously
13. The tradition of more than one wife or husband-
(A) polyandry
(B) polygamy
(C) bulism
(D) sadist
14. One who murders his own father-
(A) parastie
(B) matricide
(C) demon
(D) patricide
15. The government which is run by the rich class-
(A) rich rule
(B) anarchy
(C) plutocracy
(D) autocracy
16. A drug which produces sleep or torpor-
(A) narcotic
(B) posion
(C) panacea
(D) antiseptic
17. One who looks at the bright side of life/things-
(A) pessimist
(B) optimist
(C) opaque
(D) theist
18. A place for invalids and convalescents-
(A) reserve
(B) royal
(C) palace
(D) sanatorium
19. A government run by the crowds/mass-
(A) democracy
(B) mobocracy
(C) plutocracy
(D) bureacracy
20. A person who does not believe in the existence of God-
(A) atheist
(B) theist
(C) religious
(D) sinner
21. A place where weapons and ammunitions are stored or kept-
(A) house
(B) hotel
(C) arsenal
(D) altruist
22. A lover of books-
(A) zealous
(B) bibliophile
(C) astronomer
(D) amateur
23. One who is irreverent towards God-
(A) theist
(B) biasphemous
(C) atheist
(D) criminal
24. An assembly of listeners-
(A) listeners
(B) spectators
(C) audience
(D) visitors
25. One who is engaged in fighting a battle or war-
(A) belligerent
(B) amateure
(C) fighter
(D) military
26. A government in which all the powers are concentrated on the hands of officers-
(A) aristocracy
(B) mobocracy
(C) democracy
(D) bureaucracy
27. A person who eats human beings-
(A) gaint
(B) cannibal
(C) ghost
(D) beast
28. The state of being unmarried-
(A) celibate
(B) dilettante
(C) celibacy
(D) bigmacy
29. A supporter of the cause of women-
(A) womanish
(B) feminist
(C) extempore
(D) colleague
30. One who is well versed in the science of female ailments-
(A) gynecologist
(B) surgeon
(C) sergeant
(D) cardiologist
31. Without payment of free of cost-
(A) worthless
(B) insolvancy
(C) fanatic
(D) gratis
32. An office for which no salary is paid-
(A) extravagant
(B) amateur
(C) honorary
(D) hospitable
33. A handwriting which cannot be easily read-
(A) illegible 
(B) illigible
(C) eligible
(D) fault
34. That which cannot be approached or reached-
(A) impracticable
(B) inaccessible
(C) improbable
(D) incurable
35. Incapable of being effected or cancelled-
(A) inexplicable
(B) inexorable
(C) infallible
(D) indelible
36. That which cannot be conquered or defeated-
(A) inimitable
(B) incredible
(C) invincible
(D) insoluble
37. One who fights for the sake of money-
(A) mercenary
(B) amateur
(C) warrior
(D) patriot
38. A person who hates women-
(A) metriculous
(B) misogynist
(C) innocuous
(D) matricide
39. That which is out dated or out of use-
(A) absolete
(B) absolute
(C) stable
(D) ancient
40. One who flirts with ladies-
(A) philanthropist
(B) philistine
(C) lustracus
(D) philander
41. The violation or profaning of sacred things-
(A) sacrilege
(B) sinecure
(C) posthumous
(D) solemn
42. A decision taken by the votes of all-
(A) democracy
(B) unanimous
(C) turn coat
(D) cliche
43. A piece of writing full of words more than required-
(A) scanty
(B) manuscript
(C) verbose
(D) ambiguity
44. One who is admired by all-
(A) popular
(B) inaudible
(C) bigot
(D) franzy
45. A place where clothes are kept-
(A) belligerent
(B) wardrobe
(C) genocide
(D) gratis
46. A thing which is not fresh-
(A) stale
(B) verbose
(C) teetotaller
(D) dirty
47. The murder of a king-
(A) butcher
(B) accomplice
(C) regicide
(D) homicide
48. The act or practice of sleep walking-
(A) soliloguy
(B) somnambulism
(C) stoic
(D) sadist
49. A name assumed by a writer or a false name-
(A) anonymous
(B) lie
(C) portable
(D) pseudonym
50. One who does good to one’s fellowmen-
(A) opaque
(B) philistine
(C) philanthropist
(D) philologist
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